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Chabad North haven in The Hamptons

In the summer of 2013, Chabad North Haven in The Hamptons was launched. The goal of Chabad is to create an environment where there are no labels and everyone is free to express their “Jewishness” and spirituality.  Through our programming we offer a very relevant and meaningful experience to adult and children audiences alike. Chabad is the fastest growing and largest Jewish organization in the world today.  Partner with us as we build the Chabad North Haven in The Hamptons community.  

Spiritality For All

Spirituality For All -- is an educational organization which holds workshops and classes teaching the mystical Kabbalah in a real and practical way. Our programming both in person and online empowers people to reach within their core and shine in all areas of their lives. 

Please let us know if you would like to participate in any of our upcoming events!

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Web: Spiritualityforall.org    Email: spiritualityfa@gmail.com

Chabad North Haven and Spirituality For All are funded on a grassroots level from people like yourself. To make a tax deductible donation Click Here. To donate by check, please make it payable to Chabad Synagogues and mail to: P.O. Box 2526, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


Spirituality For all seeks to promulgate the teachings of Chassidut – Chabad Kabbalah to the Jewish community and people of all backgrounds based on the Seven Principles for Humanity.

The teachings of Chassidut – Chabad Kabbalah, the highest level of Torah wisdom, contain within them the very secrets of the spiritual forces of the universe, our soul, purpose of life, history of humanity, destiny of the universe, the various realms of creation and so much more.

The uniqueness of Chabad teachings is that it gives the student the ability to intellectualize the Divine. While Kabbalah wisdom is naturally esoteric, Chabad teachings by the seven Rebbes of the Chabad dynasty, gives the average person the ability to intellectualize that which is usually incomprehensible.

SpiritualityForAll.org specifically applies the ancient teachings Chassidut – Chabad Kabbalah in a very practical and relevant way.

Our unique and celebratory program ‘’Seven Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential – A Roadmap to Success and True Happiness’’ based on the seven Soul Powers is just one example of our work in application of the ancient wisdom.

Our efforts in promoting Chassidut – Chabad Kabbalah to people of all faiths within the body of the Seven Universal Noahide Principles for Humanity is revolutionary.  Never before has there been an organized effort by traditional Judaism to reach out to people of all faiths. Here at Spirituality For All its happening!

With our ‘’Revolution of Positivity’’ and ‘’7 For Humanity’’ initiatives we seek to unify people around the globe for the common goal of making this world a better, more spiritual place.





 Chabad North Haven and Spirituality For All are affiliates of Chabad Synagogues, Inc.

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