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At the dawn of civilization humanity was entrusted with a set of spiritual values to safeguard society, flourish and make this world into a spiritual garden.

Adam the first man promulgated these values to his descendants and generation.

After the great flood in the year 2105 BCE, when the world was repopulated, Noah and humanity recommitted themselves to these spiritual principles. They became known as the ‘’Seven commandments of Noah’’. They are seven root commandments which encompass many more offshoots of spiritual principles, laws and values.

In the year 1313BCE, the Jewish people received the Torah, a body of laws and G-dly wisdom at Mt Sinai. In addition, at Sinai the Jewish people were given the responsibility of promulgating the Seven Universal Principles of Noah with all their spiritual ramifications to all of humanity.   

Bnai Noach International a division of Spirituality For All seeks to educate humanity and provide a global spiritual platform for people of all races to live up to their G-d given potential and flourish.  




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